About Us

Mercado & Rengel was founded in Massachusetts in 2000 by Alexandra I. Rengel and Ivan E. Mercado and our firm currently has offices in Madrid, Miami and Boston. Our firm has an established reputation and offers in depth and comprehensive treatment of the legal issues that you may encounter. We have a tremendous amount of experience in Federal and State Courts. Our members have handled civil, immigration and criminal cases in numerous jurisdictions of the United States, including: Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, New Jersey, and also Puerto Rico. We are also proud of having handled numerous cases at the appellate level, some of which have resulted in published opinions.

We also have the ability to represent our clients in Europe as both Alexandra Rengel and Ivan Mercado are members of the Bar of Madrid, Spain. Our firm is listed on the attorney list of the United States Embassy in Madrid.

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